What is a Token Contract Address?

If you've tried adding a new token to track for a wallet, one of the form fields asks you for a 'Token Contract Address'. This refers to the address location of the actual token contract that manages the logic for the tokens. This does not refer to the address that holds your own personal tokens!

To find out what this address is, we recommend looking at the token's website for more information or going on https://etherscan.io and searching directly for the name of your token!

Some popular token contract addresses are listed here. We highly recommend double-checking these addresses on your own!

EOS (EOS): 0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0

0x Protocol Token (ZRX): 0xe41d2489571d322189246dafa5ebde1f4699f498

Veritaseum (VERI): 0x8f3470A7388c05eE4e7AF3d01D8C722b0FF52374

OMG Token [OmiseGO] (OMG): 0xd26114cd6EE289AccF82350c8d8487fedB8A0C07

Golem Network (GNT): 0xa74476443119A942dE498590Fe1f2454d7D4aC0d

Status Network (SNT): 0x744d70fdbe2ba4cf95131626614a1763df805b9e

MCAP Labs [Bitcoin Growth Fund] (MCAP): 0x93e682107d1e9defb0b5ee701c71707a4b2e46bc

TenXPay (PAY): 0xB97048628DB6B661D4C2aA833e95Dbe1A905B280