Managing ERC20 Tokens

MetaMask will show you any known standard tokens you own under the tokens tab. Standard tokens being ERC20 standard tokens. However, sometimes your tokens won't be displayed automatically. We offer an easy step by step guide on how to add your tokens here:


If the token you're looking for isn't displayed, just press the "ADD TOKEN" button to add a new token. You'll need the token's address, and you might also need to know the number of decimals that the token is tracked in (we will auto-fill decimals if the token makes that possible). You can find that information easily on the Etherscan token page.

If you don't know the address of the token you're trying to track, ask the person who sent you the tokens. The Ethereum blockchain has countless small tokens, so it's impossible for us to know about all of them. If a person says you own tokens, but hasn't given you an address, they haven't really given you the tokens, because without the address, you don't have the information required to send or use those tokens yourself.

We had to remove our first token send page because it was not compatible with all tokens. We will add a new token send page as soon as we're confident we can keep our users safe. In the meanwhile, you can manage your MetaMask-held tokens through the interfaces listed below:

If you find our token list too simple, since MetaMask allows any website to interact with the blockchain, you can use any token managing UI you like to view and send tokens.

We recommend using MyEtherWallet, with easy-to-follow steps here.

A few popular options are:

Just visit any of these sites with MetaMask installed, and you'll be able to manage your tokens freely. Remember that when transfering tokens, you still pay fees in Ether.

You can also view token balances on these block explorers: