Adding, Confirming and Locating Your ERC20 Tokens

After taking part in a token sale or buying tokens off of a cryptocurrency exchange, adding your tokens to be viewed in MetaMask is easy - but it's important you have the correct information of how many tokens you hold and the data from the token sale host on how to provide them. Here we'll show you how to do all that. 

After The Token Sale

If you received tokens from a token sale that you have participated in, the host or company behind the token sale should have emailed or otherwise messaged to the community the way to "claim" tokens on an ERC20 compatible wallet. Usually these instructions are sent out right away or even before the token sale is complete, but if you don't have that information or don't know how to find it, please see the next section. 

Finding Your Tokens On Etherscan has good features to help you locate information about the tokens that you hold. From the homepage you can navigate to the menu bar "Token" and click "View Tokens."

This page shows you a full list of the top ERC20 tokens ranked by market cap. If you don't see your token on this page, you can use the search bar to find it. 

Once on a token's page (using AdChain's token AdToken (ADT) here for example) the main information relevant to you at this point is "Contract Address" and "Token Decimals." You'll also need to know the token symbol, which can usually be seen in the headline of the webpage between parenthesis. 

MetaMask And Your Tokens

When adding tokens to MetaMask, as shown in this article here, remember that this is just allowing you to view your tokens associated with your Ether address. We don't have functionality to change or remove tokens at this time - so if you make an error in adding the token information you would need to back up your 12 word seed phrase and re-install and re-add your tokens. You also cannot send tokens from your MetaMask extension, but we make it easy to do this through MyEtherWallet, which is easy to follow along with here